About Marieta

It took me 16 years to realize that in order to find true love, happiness, and peace, I needed to go within. During those years, I tortured myself with dieting and as a result I gained and lost 60 pounds, experienced several painful breakups, moved from Slovakia to the USA, travelled around the world and lived in different countries, graduated two law schools, became an attorney, co-founded international law firm, and finally realize that true happiness and love can’t be found outside. I also realized that the ultimate law is Love.

When I was in my teens, I decided to apply for Law School. I always knew that I wanted to make an impact and change other people’s lives. By practicing law, I thought that I could make that sort of impact. In 2007 I graduated from law school in Slovakia and decided to move to the U.S. where I continued with postgraduate studies at Northwestern University School of Law. The only problem was that I didn’t feel like I fit in; I couldn’t see myself working for “Corporate America.” Later, I moved to NYC and was unable to find any ‘corporate’ position. I was pretty much fed up with my life -no money, no job, alone and lost in NYC, so I decided to go within and look for the answers inside of me.  Suddenly, I saw an opportunity to create a law firm that serves people from different countries who want to expand their business ventures and live their American Dream.

I co-founded law firm with my business partner who also became my life partner. I had to leave the U.S. because I didn’t have a work visa. Therefore, I started my law firm online. I was able to serve people from all over the world. Eventually, I sponsored myself and became an investor in the U.S. After the business took off, my relationship went south. I ended up with a broken heart, lost and alone once again. I decided to move to San Diego where I was determined to find myself. After several months of solitude and days filled with meditation, I started to see and feel “the light”. I came to the conclusion that the world outside reflects my inner world; therefore there was nobody to blame. It was me; the creator of my reality.

Today, I live my dream in sunny California. My mission is to teach Love is the Law so we all can raise the global consciousness and make this world a better place. By falling in love with yourself, everything falls in a place. Join me and be part of Love is the Law movement. Click below and download two free chapters of Love is the Law book today.



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